Caira: CB/Ben: Well, I have to say I'm disgusted with ToD. It's not that it's not a great fic, it's not what you've done to Lynn, it's not that you've cut a huge hole in my exam revision timetable (that would imply my having one in the first place), it's that you introduced the twin horrors of Bohemian Rhapsody and Bon Jovi to Dariafic in the space of two scenes.
Wraith: We have topics? | CB: Yes. Anything but Daria.
traP: See, THAT'S how you do it. Don't torture yourself. That's what OTHER people are for.
I _am_ nice. Really. Underneath all this "Evil Mad Bastard with an affinity for mayhem and substance abuse" is a lil' fwuffy bunny.
Lew - And if you believe that, I've an arch in St Louis I'd like to sell to you...
Those krazy Russians and their kamikaze space stations...
Lew is in shock. Not even when we started to warm up out cold fries using a butane lighter refill can and some matches did we EVER get kicked out. Lew is impressed.

Funny, if you're not it the same room...
C'mon Mir, I want my @#%#ing free taco! (Orca)
Spring break is aproaching us quickly and Desanera and I are working our fingers to the bone (well...not that hard...but hard enough to almost, possibly break a sweat)
ANYWAYS, we re pulling together our ideas (which should prove to be bother scary and memorable all at once) and need to know who is still interested!!!
SO if ur still up for incountering naked ducks, half of the unholy trio (yes! lew makes up his own half...its all the extra ducks i ve sent him) and crappy singing then send me an email and we ll fill you in!!
no trip through the Daria fandom is quite complete without meeting aradia, goblin queen...
Caira wonders which would taste better fried -- the piece of space station or the taco
JBerry: So what have I missed while I was dead?
Orca: Oh, nothing big, just 2 proposals :)
*** RuthlessBunny has joined channel #daria+
JBerry: I was proposed to twice? Yay!
RuthlessBunny: The stuff I miss.
PsychicRefugee: So....will you marry me?
JBerry: I want Elmer Fudd to be the ring bearer.
PsychicRefugee: Deal!
Pavel thinks it's the best opportunity Russia has had in a long time to bomb someone and get away with it.
Well, "Daria" is the only thing I watch on MTV, so I'll be doing a permanent boycott in any event. :-)

Still wondering what MTV is good for these days,
Martin J. Pollard

I have footage of you watching "Road Rules."

I might be persuaded to turn it over...


Now that's just low. Whatever happened to simply using photos of the guy cheating on his girlfriend? *pause* Second thoughts, if it gets us more OD updates, I'm all for it... :o)

(Desanera gives an angelic, peaceful, maternal smile. The Unholy Trio hide)

No everyone, killing is entirely unnecessary. There's no need for that kind of drastic behavior.

All we have to do is to flay the skin off his body with brands of fire and sprinkle salt on his naked wounds.

That's all, I mean no reason to overreact or anything.


*** Signoff: Wind_Lane (Quit: dang, it's not a net split, it's a net dicing)
Sappy Anniversary

Daria struggles with her anger over Tom forgetting their one-year anniversary.

After this, I fully expect episodes like Aunt Amy has a baby, Quinn starts dating the captain of the chess club, and Jane accepts her bisexuality.
--Kara Wild

Cincgreen is not a popular figure on the 'boards...
Or: Jane has a baby, Quinn accepts her bisexuality, and Aunt Amy starts dating the captain of the chess club...
Me: We do not want lies, evasions or promises of better behaviour, we want answers... Like who died and made you the dali-lama of critique? If we are happy, you might live long enough to enjoy pulling the train at some federal facility...

(The warm smile from Desanera at this point makes Cincgreen focus back on Lew.)

Lew: If we’re not happy, well, I have an active imagination and am more than willing to take suggestions..? (He looks around.)

Aradia: red hot pokers! wheee!

Desanera: Knives.

Tafka: (Who is wiping someone else's blood off her face.) Molten lead!

Lio: (With a look at Tafka.) Hell, molten anything.

Cimorene: Insects and honey?

Sam: Electrodes.

Shallow15: Power tools. (Everyone looks at Shallow.) What? You didn’t have to scrape that crap he spits off of you...

Lew: (Mildly.) I would have suggested a blowtorch myself.

[written by] Lew - Bite me and prepare for food-poisoning.

Or Jane has a baby, dates Quinn who is now the captain of the chess club, and they try very hard to accept each other's bisexuality. And they name the baby Melvin.

Daria and Tom have a baby, but to avoid the stigma of unwed motherhood she borrows Aunt Amy's time machine and travels back sixteen years and puts the baby up for adoption; it's adopted by Jake and Helen and named Quinn, who grows up, accepts her bisexuality, and dates the captain of the chess club, Jane, who had nothing better to do when Daria and Tom eloped.

Ken - who's clearly been up too long

[Cashman's. The Fashion Club are trying on clothes.]

Tiffany: Does this make me look fa...

Sandi: Oh, God, Tiffany, no! For the last time, you are not fa... [She's turned to face Tiffany] OMIGOD!

Quinn [Looking around]: Very funny, Tiffany, where'd you get the fat suit?

Staci [Looking at Sandi and Quinn]: It's... it's not a fat suit. You.. you all... [Looks down] SHRIEEEEEEK!!!

The Fashion Club [Looking many pounds heavier]: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

[Interior- a typical suburban house. Mrs. Johansen, now as slender as a fashion model, stands before a bubbling cauldron, holding an open book. She smiles.]

Johansen: Whadaya know? This "Necronomicon" crap really works!


TOM: Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Morgendorfer?

Now, now. He said a "young lover." He didn't say it was a guy.

SANDI: Like, are you /try/-ing to seduce me, Mrs. Morgendorfer?

Helen : Why yes. Yes I am.

(Phone rings)

Helen : One moment Sandi. Hello? (Bt) Oh HI Eric!


Tiffany: Buuuut, I thooought I'd asked for a feeeeemale dresser.

Upchuck: Are you suuuure?

Tiffany [Looks confused]: Awwwww, maaaaaaan!

Upchuck: Rrrrrow!

Which begs the question: who's brighter, Tiffany or Kevin?

Guy "Do These Shoulder Pads Make Me Look Faaaat?" Payne

She's an idiot savant?

So... she can only do one thing, and instead of count toothpicks, it's get dressed?

And she can't even talk about getting dressed (she was stumped by fashion conversation, for example), but she can only do it?

Tiffany [looking in mirror in the morning]: Damn, I'm cuuute... How did that happen?


Given how stupid we know Tiffany is, how can she even clothe herself?

Like she does everything else... one syllable at a time...

Light Rider

Actually, if it's Picard being stripped and tortured, I'll be up there in the front with the popcorn and chocolate bars!

Lew - Stop looking at me like that!?

and i feel the same way about Kirk (minus popcorn and chocolate, plus 3 litre coke and pringles) .... may the bloodsports begin!!!!


Uh-oh. I'm a severe cynic. 22 out of 30. I'm gonna die before I'm 30! I guess I'd better make the most of my remaining time here. Screw the diet. If I'm gonna die from STRESS anyway, what difference does it make what I eat? So, someone pass a fork, set out the cheesecake, and get out of my way! :-)
Canadibrit: Next person submits a quote for the [fanfic] quotefest gets their spleen removed via their nasal passages, got me?
This was, mind you, not long after I'd submitted about two dozen in one go...
Since it's a cartoon, it's hard to know what's "really" there, since there is no "real."