Tabitha's Secret Paint Me Blue C.E. Forman Rain On Your Parade
Geggy Tah Whoever You Are Crazy Nutso Daria... Where Are You?
Taj Mahal She Caught The Katy Napalm Krigbaum Daria: The Movie
Talking Heads Burning Down The House Ben Breeck Family Junk Bonds [credits]
Road To Nowhere The Paperpusher Jalopy [credits]
Once In A Lifetime Acrobat Three Prommed Attack
Naomi Tamura Yuzurenai Negai Ben Yee Eye Spy
Taxiride Ice Cream Alexandra Bruty Beautiful Music
Rocketship Alexandra Bruty Beautiful Music
72 Hour Daze Alexandra Bruty Beautiful Music
Roger Taylor Airheads SUSU I Fought the Mall
Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture wierdgrrl Horse Brutality [montage]
The Tea Party The Bizarre Tamzin Buchan & Catherine Desmier Possess Me
Tears for Fears Break it Down Again Peter Guerin Lukewarm Metal
Everybody Wants To Rule The World C.E. Forman Daria vs the IRS
Shout Kara Wild An Uneasy Marriage [credits]
Tenchi the Movie (soundtrack) Alchemy of Love SBBED .D Fanficelebrity Deathmatch
10,000 Maniacs Candy Everybody Wants Aaron & Barry Adelman Daria II: The Curse of the Misery Chick
Terrorvision Alice, What's the Matter? Canadibrit Relation-slips [montage]
Middleman Canadibrit & Ben Yee None of Your Affair
Perseverence Canadibrit & Ben Yee Love's Labour
Stab in the Back Canadibrit Blind Audition
The Tenants You Shit Me To Tears PixieSpooK It's Just One Of Those Days...
Therapy? Church of Noise Canadibrit The Things We Do For Dough [montage]
Hate, Kill, Destroy Canadibrit & Ben Yee Admission: Impossible
Knives Canadibrit & Ben Yee Bare Acquaintances
Me vs You Canadibrit Trick-or-Trent
Opal Mantra Canadibrit Quinn-tessence
Six Mile Water Canadibrit & Ben Yee Sister, Sister
Stories Canadibrit Kiss & Tell
Trigger Inside Canadibrit & Ben Yee Job Lots
They Might Be Giants Ana Ng Anastasia Hunt Compulsion
Birdhouse in Your Soul Jill Palmer Hey, You Look Like Jane
Dig My Grave C.E. Forman Driven Wild
Everyone's Your Friend (In New York City) Jill Friedman Chelsea Hotel [opening credits]
Letterbox Jill Palmer Jesse's Girl
Thin Lizzy The Boys Are Back In Town Vivacia The Homecoming [credits]
Jail Break D.T. Dey The Highland Invasion
Third Eye Blind How's It Going To Be Angel ODing A Very Fine Lane
Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Crazy Nutso Daria... Where Are You? [opening credits]
Semi-Charmed Life PixieSpooK It's Just One Of Those Days...
Cyndi Thomson What I Really Meant To Say MsNJ Second Chances
George Thorogood & The Delaware Destroyers I Drink Alone Peter Guerin Booted
Three Colours Red Pure Canadibrit & Ben Yee X Marks The Maverick
This Is My Hollywood Canadibrit Many Are Culled
Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty [montage]
Three Dog Night Joy To The World medea42 Underrated
3 Doors Down Down Poison Hash Egg-cept Responsibility
Loser Hash Just Add Connor
311 Come Original wierdgrrl Homecoming
Prisoner Kara Wild Surreal World [montage]
Thunderclap Newman Something in the Air C.E. Forman Fireworks
Tiffany I Think We're Alone Now C.E. Forman Daria vs the IRS
T.L.C. Unpretty Diana Morgan Sick, Sad Jamboree [montage]
Asha Williams It's No Big Deal [credits]
The Toadies Possum Kingdom Peter Guerin Stupid Sunday
Toad the Wet Sprocket Butterflies Canadibrit & Ben Yee Parental Discretion
Hold Her Down Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
In My Ear Canadibrit & Ben Yee Secrets & Lies
Something's Always Wrong C.E. Forman Rain On Your Parade
Stories I Tell Canadibrit & Ben Yee Fifth Wheel
The Toasters Secret Agent Man Jill Friedman Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies
Tones On Tail Go! George K. Abraham Jane's World: "Ice Box Woman"
Too Kool Chris Fire Water Burn (The Roof Is On Fire) Canadibrit & Ben Yee Firewater Burn
Tool 46 & 2 Peter Guerin No Nudes is Good Nudes
Intolerance Brian Taylor From Your Mouth
Stinkfist George K. Abraham Jane's World: "Ice Box Woman"
Toploader Achilles Heel Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
Tourniquet Crank the Knife Daniel Suni A Sick, Sad Goodbye [credits]
Train Meet Virginia Jill Palmer Balance of Power
Transister Flow wierdgrrl Candy Girls
Treble Charger American Psycho Bingo Hanis Penny For Your Virus
28 Days Rip It Up Caira (rancour) Sculptures (part one)
Twisted Sister Be Cruel To Your School Crazy Nutso Welcome Back Daria [credits]
Come Out & Play Peter Guerin The Quinn's Cousin Incident
We're Not Gonna Take It C.E. Forman Daria vs the IRS
2 Live Crew Banned in the USA SBBED .D Hell [credits]
Type O Negative Christian Woman KnightHawke The Thing That Perches In The Soul
Cinnamon Girl Canadibrit Mercedes Bends [montage]