Janet Jackson The Velvet Rope C.E. Forman No Picnic
Joe Jackson Sunday Papers Peter Guerin The Dinner Date From Hell
Jackson Mendoza Venus or Mars Lew Richardson Heroes...
Michael Jackson Thriller Aaron & Barry Adelman Daria II: The Curse of the Misery Chick
Crazy Nutso Through the Rainbow
Tara May Daria's Halloween Extravaganza
Jahiem Could It Be Firah See You In The Funny Pages
The Jam Going Underground Wouter Jaegers The School Bands
Jamiroquai Alright C.E. Forman To Helen Back
Travelling Without Moving C.E. Forman Rain On Your Parade
Virtual Insanity Mike Quinn Race to the Finish
Jane's Addiction Been Caught Stealing C.E. Forman Lotto Nonsense
Nothing's Shocking George K. Abraham Jane's World: "Ice Box Woman"
Stop Ben Breeck Homecoming Dunce
Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygène 4 C.E. Forman Driven Wild
Jay-Z Big Pimpin' J Relatively True
The Jealous Type Nowhere To Go From Here But Down SUSU I Fought The Mall
Jebediah Leaving Home Bambi Doorbells
PixieSpooK It's Just One Of Those Days...
Puck Defender Heather Murphy Quinn Started It [credits]
Jefferson Airplane Volunteers of America C.E. Forman Fireworks [montage]
Peter Guerin Strange Reunions
The Jesus & Mary Chain Snakedriver Canadibrit & Ben Yee Display Model [montage]
Jesus Jones Real, Real, Real Canadibrit & Ben Yee Banded for Life
Trust Me Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
Welcome Back Victoria Canadibrit & Ben Yee Lost & Found
Jethro Tull Aqualung Canadibrit & Ben Yee An Irony of Errors
Peter Guerin Booted
Bungle In The Jungle blah blah Please
Locomotive Breath Peter Guerin This is Spinal Crap
Stormy Monday Blues Ben Breeck Homecoming Dunce [credits]
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Do You Wanna Touch Me Danny Bronstein Sex & the Cynical Girl
I Hate Myself For Loving You Crazy Nutso Who Framed Janet Barch?
I Love Rock & Roll Canadibrit Growing Cynical (chapter five) [montage]
Jewel Angel Standing By Kemical Reaxion Cyber Stacy
Jupiter (Swallow the Moon) Morgan Jenkins Fashion Victim
Kiss the Flame C.E. Forman Driven Wild
Little Sister Nicole Relativity
Nothing Without Love Bryan McGucken A Kiss For Quinn [credits]
What's Simple is True C.E. Forman Taking Debate
Who Will Save Your Soul? Bambi Doorbells
Kara Wild Surreal World
Jimmie's Chicken Shack Blood C.E. Forman Driven Wild
Billy Joel Allentown Peter Guerin Marathon Woman
Captain Jack Peter Guerin Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cynic
Italian Restaurant Peter Guerin The Quinn's Cousin Incident
Laura Peter Guerin Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cynic
My Life Peter Guerin The Quinn's Cousin Incident [credits]
New York State of Mind Peter Guerin Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cynic
Only the Good Die Young Peter Guerin The Quinn's Cousin Incident
Piano Man C.E. Forman Rain On Your Parade
C.E. Forman Quinntet
Pressure Alchemist Power Struggles
Mike Quinn Race to the Finish [montage]
Rock & Roll To Me Mona Nobles Uniformity [credits]
Shades of Grey Alchemist Power Struggles
The Stranger Peter Guerin The Quinn's Cousin Incident
Where's the Orchestra? Peter Guerin Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cynic
Spike Jones & His City Slickers Cocktails for Two SBBED .D Upchuck Amok
Janis Joplin Mercedes Benz Mike Yamiolkoski Community Disservice
Piece of My Heart C.E. Forman Fireworks
Scott Joplin Lily Queen T. Wilde The Invasion of the Gulls
Montell Jordan This Is How We Do It C.E. Forman Alienation Legacy
Joy Division A Means To An End C.E. Forman Quinntet
Joydrop Beautiful Link Canadian, Eh?
Judas Priest Cheater C.E. Forman No Picnic
Juice Best Days Wouter Jaegers Manhunt
Juno Reactor Guardian Angel C.E. Forman No Picnic
Ice Cube Geoffrey Roberts Lawndale, 2019
Pistolero Geoffrey Roberts Melody Powers: From Lawndale With Hate
Silver C.E. Forman All Washed Up
10000 Miles C.E. Forman Driven Wild
Juvenile U Understand Wesley Willis Will, Grace & Daria