Haddaway What is Love? Aaron & Barry Adelman Daria II: The Curse of the Misery Chick
wierdgrrl A Blight at the Roxbury
Sammy Hagar Baby's On Fire Nemo Blank Too Many Choices
I Can't Drive 55 Crazy Nutso Vegas, Highland Pawhuska [credits]
Nina Hagen Unbeshreiblich Weiblich Wouter Jaegers Sweet Child of Mine
Geri Halliwell Look At Me Pat Leland Beach Bum-mer
Lew Richardson Heroes...
Kara Wild Cheered Down
Stephen Halpern Interstellar Light C.E. Forman All Washed Up
Hamazaki Ayumi Love Destiny Koriander Going To California
Hanson Stories C.E. Forman To Helen Back
Harvey Danger Flagpole Sitta Acrobat Three Prommed Attack
Dr Belch The Plot in a Nutshell (part two)
The Paperpusher Mirror, Mirror
Private Helicopter Bigglesworth Sleepover
Radio Silence C.E. Forman Daria vs the IRS
Juliana Hatfield My Sister Canadibrit & Ben Yee Sister, Sister
SBBED .D Whitish-Pink Christmas [credits]
Sellout C.E. Forman Taking Debate
Hayashibara Megumi Successful Mission Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
Headrillaz Get Yourself Organised Geoffrey Roberts Melody Powers: From Lawndale With Hate
Jimi Hendrix All Along the Watchtower C.E. Forman Fireworks
Peter Guerin Strange Reunions
Crosstown Traffic C.E. Forman Fireworks
Hey Joe Canadibrit & Ben Yee An Irony of Errors
Manic Depression Peter Guerin Strange Reunions
Purple Haze C.E. Forman Alienation Legacy
Canadibrit Growing Cynical (chapter three) [montage]
Crazy Nutso Never Mind the Bollocks Here's Anti-Teen
Voodoo Child Michelle Klein-Häss Muerta Las Vega$
Don Henley Dirty Laundry Peter Guerin Lukewarm Metal
The End of the Innocence Robert Nowall Daria 2010: The Judgment of Quinn
Lauryn Hill Everything is Everything Queen Jossie It's My Party & I'll Hide If I Want To
Ex-Factor C.E. Forman All Washed Up
Lost Ones Queen Jossie It's My Party & I'll Hide If I Want To
Hive Ultrasonic Sound Queen Jossie Attack of the Pink Bunnies
Hoku Another Dumb Blonde M. Bruner Baby Lane
Hole Best Sunday Dress Love Gordon Behind the Pom-Poms: The Brittany Taylor Story
Celebrity Skin Acrobat The Quiz Kids Are Alright
Peter Guerin No Nudes is Good Nudes
Bingo Hanis Penny For Your Virus
Aaron & Barry Adelman Daria (the Movie)
Doll Parts Love Gordon Behind the Pom-Poms: The Brittany Taylor Story [credits]
He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) Love Gordon Behind the Pom-Poms: The Brittany Taylor Story
I Think That I Would Die Love Gordon Daria, The Hunted
Petals Lew Richardson Heroes...
Plump C.E. Forman Weighting to Exhale
Violet Peter Guerin Marathon Woman
Hootie & the Blowfish Hold My Hand Danny Bronstein Fast Times at Lawndale High
I Will Wait Elizabeth Working
Time Mike Quinn Race to the Finish
Hooverphonic Cinderella C.E. Forman Taking Debate
Hum Green to Me Rey Fox Choice of a Skewed Generation
Hybrid If I Survive Geoffrey Roberts Melody Powers: The Lavender Hell Mob [credits]
Janis Ian At Seventeen SBBED .D Zit-a-dee-doo-dah [credits]
Iced Earth Vengeance Is Mine Brian Taylor From Your Mouth
Ice-T Big Gun Lew Richardson Heroes...
Idlewild A Little Discourage Canadibrit Kiss & Tell
Rusty Canadibrit & Ben Yee Sister, Sister
Self-Healer Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
Natalie Imbrooglywoogly Big Mistake Nicole Relativity
City C.E. Forman Quinntet
Don't You Think? Alchemist Power Struggles
Torn Lew Richardson Heroes...
Imperial Drag Scaredy Cats & Egomaniacs C.E. Forman Alienation Legacy
Imperial Teen Imperial Teen C.E. Forman No Picnic
Yoo-hoo wierdgrrl Candy Girls
wierdgrrl Unhealthy Competition [montage]
Link Canadian, Eh?
Incubus Crowded Elevator Hash Just Add Connor
Drive Queen Jossie Déjà Voodoo
Privilege J Casting Call
The Information Society What's On Your Mind Acrobat Three Prommed Attack II: Atomic Prom
Inner Circle Bad Boys Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
INXS What You Need C.E. Forman Daria vs the IRS
Chris Isaac Wicked Game Canadibrit & Ben Yee Kiss & Makeup
Ivy League Tossing & Turning Ben Breeck Books, Books & More Books