Faithless Insomnia Daniel Suni End Weekend End
Canadibrit A Hard Day's Write
Faith No More Ashes to Ashes Caira (rancour) Sculptures (part four)
Canadibrit Rue Britannia
Epic Canadibrit Blind Audition
Steve Mitchell Together In Winter
Falling to Pieces Canadibrit Love Him or Leave Him
Last Cup of Sorrow Canadibrit Quinn-tessence
Surprise! You're Dead! Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
Underwater Love Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty [montage]
We Care A Lot Canadibrit Run Away From Homecoming
Farm Hearts & Minds C.E. Forman Daria vs the IRS
Fastball G.O.D. C.E. Forman A Morgendorffer Scorned
The Way Mike Quinn Touchdown Jane
Fatboy Slim Acid 8000 Peter Guerin Booted
Embrace You SBBED .D Everybody Prom-Inade
Gangsta Trippin' wierdgrrl Where the River Shallows
Going Out Of My Head C.E. Forman Quinntet
Peter Guerin The Dinner Date From Hell
Love Island Peter Guerin This is Spinal Crap
Praise You Peter Guerin No Nudes is Good Nudes
Jon Kilner The More Things Change... [credits]
Right Here, Right Now Peter Guerin Booted
Peter Guerin Marathon Woman
The Rockafeller Skank Peter Guerin The Prepaid Phonecard Call of Tommy Sherman
Mike Quinn Touchdown Jane
The Rockafeller Skank (live at the Sydney BDO 1999) Caira (rancour) Safest Emergency
Santa Cruz C.E. Forman Alienation Legacy
Sunset (Bird of Prey) Geoffrey Roberts Melody Powers: From Lawndale With Hate
The Fauves Dogs Are The Best People Cassie Murphy From Little Things... [credits]
Fear Factory Demanufacture Lew Richardson Heroes...
Edgecrusher Cryptkeeper The Beautiful People
C.E. Forman All Washed Up
H-K (Hunter-Killer) Geoffrey Roberts Lawndale, 2019
Salvation Canadibrit Quinn-tessence
Shock Geoffrey Roberts Melody Powers: The Lavender Hell Mob
A Therapy For Pain Geoffrey Roberts Melody Powers: From Lawndale With Hate [credits]
Fear Factory feat. Gary Numan Cars Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
Shawa Stupid Things
Brian Ferry Is Your Love Strong Enough? Lew Richardson Heroes...
Fenix TX All My Fault Hash Just Add Connor
Fifth Dimension Aquarius C.E. Forman Alienation Legacy
Filter Welcome to the Fold wierdgrrl Quinn of Hearts
Filter with Crystal Method Trip Like I Do Peter Guerin Strange Reunions
Geoffrey Roberts Melody Powers: The Lavender Hell Mob
The First Edition Condition Robert Nowall Condition
5ive It's The Things You Do C.E. Forman Rain On Your Parade
When The Lights Go Out Canadibrit Trick-or-Trent
The Flamingos I Only Have Eyes For You SBBED .D Everybody Prom-inade
Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon Canadibrit & Ben Yee Love's Labour
Peter Guerin Daria's Slapshot
Songbird Jon Kilner On The Outside [montage]
Tell Me Lies Canadibrit Poetic Injustice [montage]
Flickerstick Smile Firah See You In The Funny Pages
F.L.I.P. Are You That Guy? The Unknown Are You That Guy? [credits]
Fluke Atom Bomb C.E. Forman To Helen Back
Folk Implosion Natural One Peter Guerin Stupid Sunday
Foo Fighters Breakout Kemical Reaxion Cyber Stacy
Everlong Canadibrit & Ben Yee A Dated Concept
Wouter Jaegers & Kendra Steiner Careful What You Wish For
Splendora School Daze
Kendra Steiner Unstability (part two) [montage]
I'll Stick Around Kemical Reaxion On Guard
M.I.A. Canadibrit & Ben Yee Love's Labour
My Hero Canadibrit & Ben Yee The Lawndale Witch Project
Geoffrey Roberts Lawndale, 2019
Walking After You Canadibrit How The Other Half Lives
X-Static C.E. Forman Taking Debate
Forest For The Trees Dream Jill Friedman Chelsea Hotel [montage]
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax Acrobat Three Prommed Attack II: Atomic Prom
John Fred & His Playboy Band Judy in Disguise Robert Nowall Condition
Frente Bizarre Love Triangle Lew Richardson Heroes...
Frenzal Rhomb All Your Friends Think You're A Fuckhead PixieSpooK It's Just One Of Those Days...
Genius Lew Richardson Heroes... [montage]
We're Going Out Tonight Geoffrey Roberts A Night on the Lame
Friendly I Love You, But... Geoffrey Roberts A Night on the Lame
The Friggs Bad Word For A Good Thing wierdgrrl Candy Girls
Front Line Assembly Comatose Geoffrey Roberts A Night on the Lame
Dead of Winter Geoffrey Roberts Lawndale, 2019
Epitaph Geoffrey Roberts Melody Powers: The Lavender Hell Mob
Heatwave Geoffrey Roberts Melody Powers: Flashbacks (part one)
Front 242 Crushed Geoffrey Roberts Melody Powers: The Lavender Hell Mob
Fuel Bittersweet C.E. Forman Accept No Substitutes
Mike Quinn Race to the Finish [credits]
Shimmer Lew Richardson Heroes...
Sunburn Hash Just Add Connor
The Fugees Family Business Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
Full Devil Jacket Wanna Be A Martyr Hash Egg-cept Responsibility