Babes in Toyland Killer on the Road wierdgrrl Morgendorffer MIA
Sweet '69 wierdgrrl Where the River Shallows [opening credits]
Babylon Zoo Spaceman Canadibrit & Ben Yee X Marks The Maverick
JS Bach Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring C.E. Forman Alienation Legacy
Tal Bachman She's So High Lew Richardson Heroes...
Backstreet Boys Everybody (Backstreet's Back) C.E. Forman Driven Wild
Danny Bronstein Who Shot Ms Li?
Larger Than Life Chuckie Finster Uh-huh-huh-huh-huh, Football-head [credits]
Lew Richardson Heroes...
Bad Religion American Jesus Shawa Stupid Things
Kerosene Shawa The Comeback
Leaders & Followers Canadibrit & Ben Yee Display Model
Crazy Nutso Magical Mystik Spiral Tour
Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out Patrick Moore Snow Darn
Mike Yamiolkoski Community Disservice
Anita Baker Sweet Love Wouter Jaegers The School Bands
Bare Jr You Blew Me Off Canadibrit & Ben Yee Gym Dandy
Barenaked Ladies Be My Yoko Ono Jill Palmer Hey, You Look Like Jane
Call & Answer Canadibrit & Ben Yee Process of Elimination
Crazy Jill Palmer The Halloween Spirit
Enid Acrobat Brownstone, Green-Eyed [credits]
C.E. Forman Driven Wild
It's All Been Done Michelle Klein-Häss Mazel Tov
Nicole Relativity
Jane [Rock Spectacle version] Jill Palmer Hey, You Look Like Jane
The Old Apartment Jill Palmer New Direction
One Week Aaron & Barry Adelman Daria: the Movie
Canadibrit & Ben Yee The Prisoner of Zelda [montage]
Hash Egg-cept Responsibility
Tara May Daria's Halloween Extravaganza
Jill Palmer Makeup Your Mind
Bananarama Cruel Summer Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
Venus Lew Richardson Heroes...
Aaron & Barry Adelman Daria: the Movie
Banco de Gaia Last Train to Lhasa (Sasha & John mix) C.E. Forman A Morgendorffer Scorned
The Bangles Angels Don't Fall In Love Canadibrit & Ben Yee Sets & the Single Girls
Eternal Flame C.E. Forman Quinntet
In Your Room C.E. Forman Daria vs the IRS
Manic Monday C.E. Forman No Picnic [montage]
Tony Basil Micky Canadibrit & Ben Yee Banded for Life
Lew Richardson Heroes...
The Beach Boys Barbara Ann Napalm Krigbaum Daria: The Movie
Be True To Your School SBBED .D Sport Charles [credits]
Beastie Boys Body Movin' Peter Guerin No Nudes is Good Nudes
Mike Quinn Race to the Finish
Fight For Your Right (To Party) Canadibrit Swear to be Different [montage]
Peter Guerin Suffer the Children
Shawa The Comeback
Intergalactic Ben Breeck Dis-Orientation [credits]
Bigglesworth Sleepover
Peter Guerin The Prepaid Phonecard Call of Tommy Sherman
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun Canadibrit Growing Cynical (chapter two)
Namaste C.E. Forman Lotto Nonsense
No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn Canadibrit How The Other Half Lives
Peter Guerin Stupid Sunday
Ricky's Theme D.T. Dey The Highland Invasion
Root Down Tamzin Buchan & Catherine Desmier Possess Me
Sabotage Canadibrit Kiss & Tell
Kemical Reaxion On Guard [credits]
Melissa & K-Mart Shopper Hangover Highway
The Beatles Any Time At All Cassie Murphy Any Time At All [credits]
The Ballad Of John & Yoko Kara Wild In Her Own Words
Can't Buy Me Love Rey Fox #10 Dream
Come Together Kara Wild In Her Own Words
A Day In The Life Canadibrit & Ben Yee Tour of Duty
Wouter Jaegers Murder Was The Case
Day Tripper Napalm Krigbaum Daria: The Movie
Eleanor Rigby Kara Wild In Her Own Words
Get Back Kara Wild In Her Own Words
Good Morning SBBED .D Upchuck Amok
A Hard Day's Night Acrobat Three Prommed Attack
Help! Kara Wild In Her Own Words [montage]
Let It Be Kara Wild In Her Own Words [credits]
Magical Mystery Tour Crazy Nutso Return to Lawndale [credits]
Money Huggy Everything Changes
Penny Lane Jill Friedman Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies
Napalm Krigbaum Daria: The Movie
P.S. I Love You SBBED .D Everybody Prom-inade [credits]
Revolution Jill Friedman Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies
We Can Work It Out Kara Wild In Her Own Words
While My Guitar Gently Weeps Canadibrit & Ben Yee An Irony of Errors
Within You Without You C.E. Forman Fireworks
Yellow Submarine Kara Wild In Her Own Words [montage]
Beck Dead Weight (A Life Less Ordinary) Canadibrit & Ben Yee Teachers' Pests
wierdgrrl Unhealthy Competition
Derelict C.E. Forman Rain On Your Parade
Devil's Haircut Love Gordon What is Memory?
Mike Quinn Touchdown Jane
Loser Peter Guerin Booted
Nobody's Fault But My Own Rey Fox Choice of a Skewed Generation
Novocane Rey Fox Choice of a Skewed Generation
Sexxlaws PixieSpooK It's Just One Of Those Days...
Where It's At Queen Jossie It's My Party & I'll Hide If I Want To
wierdgrrl Unhealthy Competition
The Bee Gees Jive Talkin' C.E. Forman Taking Debate
Stayin' Alive Danny Bronstein Fast Times at Lawndale High
Walter J. Jones Daria's Tears
M Man Chocolate Girl
Pat Benatar Hell is for Children Peter Guerin Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cynic
Hit Me With Your Best Shot Peter Guerin The Quinn's Cousin Incident
Precious Time Peter Guerin Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cynic
Ben Folds Five Army Peter Guerin Booted
The Battle of Who Could Care Less Acrobat Brownstone, Green-Eyed
Peter Guerin Stupid Sunday
Brick George K. Abraham Jane's World: "Ice Box Woman"
Kara Wild The Tie That Chokes [credits]
Kate C.E. Forman Accept No Substitutes
Narcolepsy Geoffrey Roberts Death is the Maiden
Smoke Canadibrit & Ben Yee Children of the Scorn
Song for the Dumped Peter Guerin Booted
The B-52's Channel Z Lew Richardson Heroes...
Love Shack Crazy Nutso Meanwhile, Back in Lawndale... [montage]
The Deadbeat Club Peter Guerin Karen Carpenter Blues
Planet Claire Acrobat The Quiz Kids Are Alright
Topaz Lew Richardson Heroes...