Surprisingly, some of the bands here are quite good. And some of them make Mystik Spiral sound like the Doors. The clincher is you don't know what you're getting until you hear it -- properly random. I like.

Politics, rock, bhangra, dancehall, rap, and whatever else they can get their hands on all mashed together, and somehow it still sounds amazing. Good fansites for this group are a little thin on the ground -- mail me if you know of any.

MANIC STREET PREACHERS: Official,, Culture of, An Imitation of Dignity
If you live in the UK you'll probably be sick of them, if you live anywhere else you'll never have heard of them. Official site has a nice front cover image. just got relaunched and, for want of a better word, neutered; still, I like the minimalist design, it's good for news and has a huge links page. If you can get past the front page CoD is impressive in a general sort of way, and that last one is just plain weird. But in a good way.

Yes, Kevin's favourite band. Yes, that awful Tubthumping song (currently tying for single most used on this here song list). And yes, they did release other stuff -- 10 albums' worth (everything from punk to the familiar dance/pop to folk) and counting, plus of course a bucket of ice-water over the head of the British deputy PM. My kinda guys. Site is one of those that's run by the band rather than the record company and is therefore good enough not to require fan sites to back it up, though there are links if need be. But there isn't, just go to the Downloads section and grab "Tony" on MP3.

The band that would've been among the dullest in Britain were it not for one Cerys Matthews (rumoured to be worshipped as a goddess in some remote island communities). Unfortunately, Adam's shut down his defines-the-term-"brilliant-fan-site" (RIP) and any sites besides tend to look very, very pale. Included is a link to an MP3 archive, where folks in radio-deficient countries like the US and Australia can hear their stuff. Still no substitute though...

THE SUPERJESUS: Official, Static
Halfway decent Australian band of the three-guys-and-a-female-singer variety. Linked for the simple reason that were it not for this, I'd probably still be listening to girl-pap and the like. Of course, it's a matter of opinion whether all this is that much of an improvement... Fan site first.