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Splits off after Something Blue. Hush hasn't happened. 314 doesn't exist.



Walk into the room in breathless anticipation. Yet another four hours' quality time with thirty or so TVs, each of them showing some variant of the same goddamn boring Captured Hellbeast channel. Vampires, mostly, out cold or starving, with the occasional bizarre demon thrown in just to liven things up.

"Hey, David, shift's over and there's no... Hi, Riley. What're you doing here? I didn't think you had idiot-box duty until tomorrow."

"Huh? Uh, I don't, but..." and he gestures toward the largest screen, usually reserved for whichever demon secretes the most interesting body fluid or produces the most interesting snore -- or, if the bosses have been around, merely the most dangerous specimen. Instead, we have a teenage girl. Going by her appearance, a high school kid.

"That the new hostile? Christ, she looks like she could cheerlead for the country! I thought vampires usually went for the slutty type. Not that the two are all that far apart... You alright?"

He isn't. The look on his face tells me that. And he's looking at the screen... wistfully? Finn likes a bloodsucker?

"You go with her or something?"


"Was this before, or...?"

"Before what? Wh-- She's not a vampire, Mike. Does... did freshman Psych with Walsh and me. Got a pulse, got a temperature, got a complexion, and she's kept them for the last eight hours."

"So we captured her because..."

"Not many humans -- hell, not many vampires -- can take out two of Sunnydale's finest with a broken branch, or dodge one of Ewell's taser darts at twenty yards, or break a tranq gun in half with their bare hands."

"Shit. So what is she?"

"From all the tests so far, human. We'll find out more when she wakes up, but they put enough in her to sink a vampire for a day and a night. God only knows how long until she comes to."

At that point, she yawns, stretches, pulls herself up as if she was in her bedroom rather than a demon confinement cell, and has her first encounter with the "glass" wall. She jumps. Riley gabbles.

"She should have been out for longer... should have hit the other wall when she... can't... be human..."

"Hello? Anyone there?"

The freak speaks.


The freak looks around for another few seconds, shrugs, then shoulder-charges the glass.

And breaks through.

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